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12c Management Agent Installation and Deployment

  • Posted by Gavin Soorma
  • On May 15, 2012

In an earlier post, I had mentioned the procedure for doing a silent install on the 12c management agent from the command line.

We will see here how we can install as well as deployment the management agent on single or multiple target hosts from within 12c Cloud Control itself.

 From the Cloud Control Setup menu, click Add Target and then Add Targets Manually



Select Add Host Targets and click Add Host


We can provide a name for the agent deployment session activity or leave it at the default value.

 Click Add and enter the host name as well as select the appropriate platform from the dropdown list. It is recommended to use a fully qualified host name which includes the domain name as well.

 Note – to deploy on multiple host targets, do not enter multiple hosts on the same line separated by commas. Instead each host must be entered on a separate row






On the Installation Details page,  we have entered the following:

 For Installation Base Directory we have entered the absolute path to the agent base directory under which the 12c management agent software will be installed. Ensure that this directory is empty.

 The Instance Directory is where all the management agent configuration files will be stored.

 For Named Credential, either use an existing profile or create a new one. These credentials are used for setting up SSH connectivity between the OMS and the managed hosts as well as installing the Management Agent on the target hosts.

 If we leave the Privileged Delegation Setting blank, then the root scripts will not be run and we have to manually run the same after the agent installation



 We can review the agent deployment details and then click on the Deploy Agent button


We can review the progress made on each of the phases of the agent deployment operation — Initialization, Remote Prerequisite Check, and Agent Deployment.





After the agent deployment has been completed we need to do the following

  1. Run the agent script as root which is located in the Management Agent home.
  2. Discover and Add Targets for monitoring via Cloud Control


From the Setup menu, select Configure Auto Discovery


Select Multiple Target-Type Discovery on Single Host and then click on Configure


Select the relevant Agent Host Name and click on Configure



Under the Discovery Module, we are checking the Enabled box for Oracle Database,Listener …. and Oracle Home Discovery



Click on the Run Discovery Now button







We see that for the host where we have just run the target discovery, out of the 5 Discovered Targets, so far 3 are Managed Targets. We still need to discover the Database Instance and the Listener.





  • May 6 2017
Really helpful, Thank you very much!!

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