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Upgrading 10g Grid Control to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

  • Posted by Gavin Soorma
  • On April 18, 2012

This note details the procedure used to upgrade an OEM Grid Control environment on Linux to Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

Broadly speaking at a high level, these are the main steps involved in the 12c upgrade.

  • Decide on what upgrade you are going to follow. I have used the 2-System Upgrade approach which although requires an additional server for the 12g OMS, is non-intrusive and does not affect the existing 10g OEM environment.
  • Apply the pre-upgrade console patch on existing 10g OEM – this will provide us the interface in the existing 10g OEM Grid Control for performing many of the upgrade tasks. Note the 10g OMS needs to down for this.
  • Provide information about the host where the 12c upgrade is going to take place.
  • Download the 12c Grid Control software and plug-ins and stage them on the server which is going to host the 12c OMS
  • Register the software and plug-ins with Grid Control
  • Analyze the existing management agents and determine which agents are having an upgradeable status – note that currently there are no Windows 12c Management Agents available. On Metalink it is mentioned that Windows 12c agents will be available by June 2012.
  • Backup the existing 10g Repository Database and restore it on the same host or another host. In our case, I have restored the OEM repository database on the server which will host the 12c OMS. So both repository database and OMS are on the same host. We can perform an upgrade of the database here if we so desire, but repository database is supported with the 12c Grid Control.
  • Install 12c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and upgrade the Management Repository in the database you backed up and restored.
  • Link the earlier release of the Management Repository with the upgraded Management Repository.
  • Upgrade the management agents by deploying the 12c agent software on the hosts where we are upgrading the existing 10g agent. All these tasks are done from the Upgrade Console in the 10g OEM Grid Control. We can do this in a piecemeal manner and do not have to upgrade all the agents to 12c in one go. So we will have both the 10g and 12c Grid Control environments running side by side until we have migrated all the 10g agents to 12c. Note that the 12c OMS can only communicate with the 12c agent and not any other agent version.
  • Generate a health report and check the readiness of the redeployed Management Agents. Verify and sign off the health report.
  • Switch over the old Management Agent to the newly deployed 12c agent
  • Note – Ensure that you have the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control software released in February 2012 – Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 1 ( (With Bundle Patch 1).


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  • May 30 2013
HI Can we use 10g agent to connect to 12c grid? KK
Gavin Soorma
  • May 31 2013
HI - no for 12c we cannot use 10g or 11g agents on the target hosts - they have to be 12c agents - regards gavin

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