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Oracle 11g Fusion Middleware Installation on Linux

  • Posted by Gavin Soorma
  • On November 25, 2011

This note describes the (long) process of installing an 11g Fusion Middleware environment with Forms, Reports, Discoverer and Portal on an Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.6 64 Bit platform.

If you are not using Oracle Portal , then you do not need to configure Identity Management and Single Sign On which is a real big pain as there is no 11g SSO as yet and we have to install, upgrade and configure 10g SSO/DAS as well with a number of patches.

These are the top level steps:

  • Install Java SE Development Kit 6u25

  • Install Oracle Weblogic Server 11g Release 1 ( 10.3.2)

  • Install Oracle 11g R2 Database software (can be on same machine as Middleware or different server)

  • Create the 11g R2 repository database

  • Download the Repository creation for Windows available in 32 bit for Linux and Windows ( – change compatibility for Windows 7 to run it

  • Make changes to the database required for running the RCU

  • Run the RCU and create all the required schemas in the repository database like DEV_PORTAL, DEV_DISCOVERER etc

  • Install 11g Identity management

  • Install 10g SSO
    • Run inspre11.pls (with -op1)
    • Install SSO MRCA on Windows – not available for 64 bit Linux – change compatibility to Windows XP since we have installed on Windows 7 client PC (
    • Reset the ODS Password
    • Run inspre11.pls (with -op2)
    • Install SSO/DAS (into a NEW Oracle Home – this must be a different Oracle Home from OID/DIP 11gR1)
    • Apply patch 688088 (
    • Apply Patch 5649850 for release (
    • Apply patch 6265268 (
    • Upgrade SSO/DAS to (
    • Run inspre11.pls (with -op3)

  • Install Oracle 11g Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer
  • Read the note:





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