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  • Feb 26 2011
Hey! Thanks for all your blogs. I was wondering, what's the ideal timeline for a gg project. I have to do a write up for a gg multi source to a single target config and then i have to do a single node to multi target config and both are bi-directional. I suggested three months but since oracle has no white paper for this, i can't provide a certified documentation for it. I'd appreciate your input. thanks.
Balasaheb Kambale
  • Mar 5 2011
Hi, Its very useful info for us . as we are new to GG. Do we use delete or truncate command on GG's table when we are importing any new data into source database? What is effect on GG's table if we use delete or truncate command ? what will be effect if i use DDL command on GG's table on source database?
  • May 25 2011
Awesome, just what I was looking for...
  • May 26 2011
Hi Gavin, Thank you very much for all the blogs regarding GoldenGate. It is comprehensive and very useful.
Pradeep Gupta
  • Jun 15 2011
Bala, you can enable truncate command replication in report parameter file. GETTRUNCATES Also for DDL replication you can set the parameter for ALL or specific Operation type. DDL & INCLUDE MAPPED & OPTYPE alter & OBJTYPE 'table' & OBJNAME "SCOTT.*" & DDLOPTIONS REPORT DDLERROR 942 IGNORE RETRYOP MAXRETRIES 5 DDLERROR 2430 IGNORE DDLERROR 2431 IGNORE Thanks,
Robin Dong
  • Jun 23 2012
hi, I have posted 3 comments online and asked you some questions, but never get any single word back from you. I guess I should not use this as a commuinication channel with you. It is fine to me. your artcles are still very helpful.
Gavin Soorma
  • Jun 26 2012
Hi Robin - sorry - in the flood of emails I get I must have missed it - can you drop me an email with your questions again and I will try and answer to the best of my ability or at least tell you where you can get more information. email me @ Regards, Gavin

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