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Migrating data from DB2 to Oracle using SQL Developer

  • Posted by Gavin Soorma
  • On October 14, 2010

This note will detail the steps required to move data from a DB2 9.7 UDB running on Linux to an Oracle 10g database also running on Linux using the migration capabilities provided by Oracle SQL Developer.

I have used SQL Developer which I think is the latest version available for download. I tested moving a 2 million row table which took about 50 minutes.

Have a look at this note which shows all the steps taken for the operation including step by step screenshots.

Appreciate your feedback and kindlly share your experiences in such heterogenous data load exercises with the rest of the community.

Download the note …



Vineesh S
  • Oct 15 2010
Excellent. Although I did not try it practically..the document clearly explains in lay man's language. Thanks Guru...Hats off to u :)
  • Oct 28 2010
Yes we can, but if too many data ,doss it work?
Gavin Soorma
  • Oct 29 2010
Hi - I have tested it with tables in the range of 35-40 million rows and there was no error
  • Jan 17 2011
While migrating tables from DB2 (ver 8.2) to Oracle (11g) using SQL Developer, I am facing two issues – 1. Table Data is migrating correctly from DB2 to Oracle with Constraints Non Null, PK, Check; except Referential Integrity (Foreign Key). Row counts are matching in both DB2 and Oracle tables. Only issue is in Foreign Key. 2. Tables having column default value as CURRENT TIMESTAMP in DB2 are not getting migrated, since Oracle takes SYSDATE instead of CURRENT TIMESTAMP. Is there any setting or Configuration to be made for above two in SQL Developer. Can anyone help me? Thanks in Advance ...
  • Jan 27 2011
Excellent. Very Good explanations. I tried it and worked fine. Thank you very much!
  • Mar 3 2011
Hi, When I try to connect to a new connection I dont see DB2 tab(only I see Oracle and access tabs).Please let me know any extra steps need to be done to view the DB2 tab? Appreciate if you can give me the details ASAP. Thanks&Regards, Suman Kedarisetty

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