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Useful GoldenGate commands – SHELL, OBEY, HELP, HISTORY,VERSIONS | Oracle DBA – Tips and Techniques
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Gavin Soorma
  • Aug 12 2010
Hi Farhan - what is the problem you are facing? - what errors are you getting? - see if the below works for you and drop me a line to let me know create a file start_goldgate.sh with contents as shown below cd /home/oracle/goldengate ./ggsci < EOF OBEY /home/oracle/goldengate/startup.txt EOF create another file called startup.txt with the contents as shown below START MANAGER START EXTRACT EXT3 START EXTRACT DPUMP INFO ALL execute the shell script ./start_goldgate.sh
  • Jan 17 2011
It wasn't working with EOF keyword, so replaced it with end_ggsci...rest all kept as it is. It worked.
  • Jan 17 2011
it works with "./ggsci << EOF" as well.
  • Aug 23 2011
But how you output "INFO ALL" to a .txt file?
Gavin Soorma
  • Aug 26 2011
Try this - have created a simple shell script - you can build on this /export/home/oracle/gg/ggsci < output.txt info all EOF

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