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  • Aug 1 2010
Gavin, DDL INCLUDE ALL parameter is optional in replicat parameter file. The DDL is enabled on replicat by default. But is a mandatory for extract. Thanks, Ravi
Gavin Soorma
  • Aug 12 2010
Yes Ravi - you are right but something to keep in mind for the Replicat process is that while DDL is enabled by default and we do not need the DDL INCLUDE ALL, we need to add the line "DDLERROR DEFAULT IGNORE RETRYOP" - otherwise the replicat process will abend when it faces some error in the DDL replication. For example a table was created on source, but the same tablespace did not exist on the target - so the replicat process will fail and unless we have the DDL error handler in the replicat parameter file it will abend. Regards Gavin
  • Jan 22 2011
Hi Gavin, I fallowed the steps provided by you and i am successful in doing the replication of create table, insert , update , delete on tables in to source to Target. But when i drop the table in the source , table is not getting dropped in the target. Both source and Target database are of 10g Can you please let me know what is the reason behind this. Thanks and Regards, Satish.G.S
Balasaheb Kambale
  • Mar 5 2011
Hi Gavin, DDLERROR DEFAULT IGNORE RETRYOP :- what is mean by RETRYOP. If i alter table( Add column or drop column) from source database, will be reflect in target database also.

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