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  • Jul 19 2010
good article ...Keep going
  • Jul 26 2010
Good articile. thanks for sharing your exp and knowledge. Really appriciate.
Gavin Soorma
  • Jul 28 2010
Hi Kim - can you try this on any other database other than MASTER - also confirm that the recovery model of the database is Full - take a backup of the database first ... Read the document GoldenGate Microsoft SQL Server Installation and Setup Guide It has more details on what's required to set up GoldenGate on SQL Server ... "The SQL Server database must be set to the full recovery model, and at least one full database backup must be done before GoldenGate"
  • Jan 17 2011
Hi Please help!!!! I'm getting the below error: GGSCI (iterate) 2> add trandata dbo.rahul 2011-01-18 07:02:17 WARNING OGG-00552 Database operation failed: SQLExecDirect error: if not exists ( SELECT * FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases WHERE name = N'AutoVikasDms' collate database_default AND (category & 1) = 1)be gin exec master..sp_replicationdboption @dbname = N'AutoVikasDms' , @optna me = N'publish' , @value = N'true' end if not exists (select * from syspublications where name = N'GoldenGate AutoVikas Dms Publisher') begin exec sp_addpublication @publication = N'GoldenGate AutoVikasDms Publisher', @des cription = N'GoldenGate Publisher for [AutoVikasDms] Database', @sync_method = N 'native', @retention = 0, @allow_push = N'true', @allow_pull = N'true', @allow_a nonymous = N'false', @enabled_for_internet = N'false', @snapshot_in_defaultfolde r = N'true', @compress_snapshot = N'false', @ftp_port = 21, @ftp_login = N'anony mous', @allow_subscription_copy = N'false', @add_to_active_directory = N'false', @repl_freq = N'continuous', @status = N'active', @independent_agent = N'true', @immediate_sync = N'false', @allow_sync_tran = N'false', @autogen_sync_procs = N 'false', @allow_queued_tran = N'false', @allow_dts = N'false', @replicate_ddl = 1, @allow_initialize_from_backup = N'true', @enabled_for_p2p = N'false', @enable d_for_het_sub = N'false' end. ODBC error: SQLSTATE 37000 native database error 20028. [Microsoft][SQL Nat ive Client][SQL Server]The Distributor has not been installed correctly. Could n ot enable database for publishing. 2011-01-18 07:02:17 WARNING OGG-00782 Error in changing transaction logging fo r table: 'dbo.Rahul'. ERROR: ODBC Error occurred. See event log for details.. GGSCI (iterate) 3> SQL Server 2005 - SP4 Regards Rahul
  • Feb 9 2011
I do not suppose you have done this the other way around , Oracle to SQLServer I am trying to do just that and cannot get my replicat to connect to the target db C:\temp\GoldenGateMSTarget>replicat paramfile C:\temp\GoldenGateMSTarget\dirprm\ initrep.prm gives the error 2011-02-09 13:46:35 ERROR OGG-01557 OLE DB Error: Cannot open data source. E rror code 0x80040e73 Detail: OLE DB: GetDataSource. initrep.prm SPECIALRUN END RUNTIME sourcedb pktest3 EXTFILE C:\temp\GoldenGateMSTarget\dirdat\ex sourcedefs C:\temp\GoldenGateMSTarget\dirdef\tcustmer.def MAP schema1.tcustmer, TARGET schema1.tcustmer; any help would be appreciated
  • Feb 9 2011
no sooner had I written this and I figured it out. ODBC incorrectly set up !
  • Feb 16 2011
Hi, This is really wonderful article. I was looking for something like this. Thanks for the post. Regards Lalit

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