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Some more RMAN Recovery Scenarios

  • Posted by Gavin Soorma
  • On June 25, 2010

I have added a few more RMAN recovery scenarios which I have come across recently and may be faced by others – so thought I’d share those with the community.

The first relates to a case where we need to create a replica of a production database on a test or development environment and we are not able to use the RMAN DUPLICATE DATABASE command because there is no network connectivity between the production and the test servers. This is very possible in cases where due to security restrictions production is on an isolated network from test or dev or there may be firewall rules in place which prevent the RMAN auxiliary channel connections (required for the duplicate) from working.

Further, we may be faced with a situation where for some kind of testing, we need the target database to be in sync with the source production database to a point in time as recent as possible. So we will need to recover the database to point in time beyond which the RMAN database backup on production was taken.

More about this …..

Refreshing a Test or Development Database from a Production Database RMAN backup

The second case related to a situation where for testing Disaster Recovery procedures we need to restore the full database backup on another machine provided for the purpose and point the client application to this restored backup to test the same.

Even from the point of view of best practices, while the RMAN RESTORE VALIDATE command is good to check validity of backups on a regular basis, there is no substitute to actually having the luxury of time and disk space to test a full database restore and recovery.

More about this …

Tesing the full restore and recovery of a database backup on another test or scratch server



  • Jun 25 2010
Excelent. Regards. Greg
Birendra Padhi
  • Jun 28 2010
I am looking for this kind of Doc for last few months. Thanks a lot for publishing this.
  • Jul 11 2010
Good job Gavin ;)) Regards
  • Jul 16 2010
Good job! thnks. WBR Murat
  • Jul 18 2010
Gavin..Your docs are excellent.They have helped me a lot in project.
  • Aug 19 2010
Gavin, God Bless u, really very good docs.
  • Feb 22 2011
This is really a good document to recover / refresh database. In this document catalog is used. I am working as DBA with small company and we have not used catalog at all as we have only 3 production database with less than 100 GB in size for all. It will be a nice if you can provide steps without use of CATALOG DB Thanks
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  • Feb 24 2011
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  • Mar 4 2011
Excelent Job :).
  • Mar 16 2011
Excelent Docs....
  • May 24 2011
Awesome docs...!!

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