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EM Grid Control and High Availability

  • Posted by Gavin Soorma
  • On April 12, 2010

A question often asked is can we use Oracle Data Guard as a high availibility option for the EM Grid Control Repository database. The repository database contains information on all the targets, the jobs configured, alerts and notification history etc. It has a lot of very valuable information and can be deemed as a fairly critical production database especially if there are hundreds of targets and hundreds of jobs defined in EM Grid Control. Also, how do we protect the Application Server part of the Grid Control environment? What do we do if lose the host where the management server resides?

This note will provide an overview of setting up a DR environment for the EM Grid Control Repository database. It will show how using Oracle Data Guard, a database failover is done to the standby site as well as how to set up an additional OMS (Oracle Management Service) on the standby site.

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