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DBA Monitoring Menu

  • Posted by Gavin Soorma
  • On April 20, 2010

I have written a simple Unix shell script driven menu which contains SQL scripts which covers most common day to day DBA activity tasks related to monitoring and performance tuning. Once installed in a central location, we canconnect to any database in our enterprise and monitor it from one interface.

We can also connect to and monitor any databases on Windows platform. The scripts will support all databases in versions 10g as well as 11g – a few menu options may not work for Oracle 9i databases.

Have a look at the screen shots below. The download links as well as installation instructions are provide below as well.

Please let me know if this menu can be enhanced in any way and your feedback will be taken on board.

Installation Instructions:

  • Unzip the contents in a directory with read/write privileges. Note this needs to be installed on only one machine where SQL*Net is installed where an appropriate tnsnames.ora file is available in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin
  • Execute the command chmod +x *.sh
  • Ensure that the PATH includes the directory where scripts are unzipped.
  • For eg – export PATH=.:$PATH

  • Create a database user MONITOR in each database which needs to be monitored. Grant this user appropriate privileges like CONNECT and SELECT ANY DICTIONARY roles.
  • The password for the user MONITOR is contained in the monitor_passwd file. Edit this file to include the correct password. For security, change permissions to 700.
  • Ensure that the environment variable ORACLE_HOME is set before launching the menu.
  • Launch the menu by running : ./dba_main.sh
    • Note – please download for the appropriate Operating System

    a) For AIX and Solaris :

    b) For Linux:



    • Apr 21 2010
    Very Useful tool
    • May 5 2010
    Hi Gavin, “Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others.” you are great. thanks for sharing.
    Ben Prusinski
    • May 6 2010
    Nice! As a command line DBA old school style, its a nice alternative to GRID control OEM! Just need to build on your foundation to add scripts for monitoring EBS things like concurrent managers, and such. Cheers. Ben
    Shahid Nasir
    • May 12 2010
    Superb tool. Very good improvement to the existing menu. Saves a lot of time having to go around searching for scripts.
    • Jun 8 2010
    Hai, Really its great ...
    • Jun 30 2010
    Thanks for sharing your utility. GREAT ONE.
    • Jul 12 2010
    Very few people like to share their work,ideas..You are one of that..really appreciated.
    • Aug 5 2010
    I can say that you really know the concept of sharing and growing in the deepest part of your HEART. Thanks for sharing such wonderful work.
    • Aug 25 2010
    Excellent... I really like this site.. Lots of hard and great work.. Hats off ...
    naresh bindlish
    • Sep 2 2010
    Great! Very useful tool..........
    • Oct 19 2010
    Good stuff!!! Great job
    • Oct 22 2010
    Gavin: Nice idea(Kaizen), I like it, will install this for Linux. Thanks for sharing. Uday
    • Oct 28 2010
    please can u please explain more how to install this great tool thank you man
    Gavin Soorma
    • Oct 29 2010
    What is the problem you are facing - I have supplied the install directions in the same post - let me know what is the issue you are having
    • Jan 19 2011
    This is fantastic....useful for all the DBAs...Great work.
    • Jan 28 2011
    Hello Gavin, Wonderfull tool....Thank you very much for sharing.
    • Feb 28 2011
    Hi Gavin, u done a good job.. i have one doubt if we dont have oratab then how to install .In my enivornment only one DB is there if i install this one it will give the one error msg oratab quiting .. then how to proceed plz let me know asap... Regards Ramesh
    • May 31 2011
    This is really super. its working fine for us. Thanks so much!
    • Jun 15 2017
    Excellent Work...can be easily deployed to make it work in our environment.
    • Jun 29 2017
    Hi Gavin, One single script..will reduce much work of DBA's. Thanks for the script. really appreciated.

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