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  • Apr 22 2010
Gavin I am having trouble with using GG Client.. In 3rd Screen from top, When I give my localhost FQN, I get following error message? Any suggestion Checking connection to: Test is running directly from Director Server. Opening connection... Failed to connect to the server: Connection refused
  • Jan 19 2011
Thanks for this tutorial. Is the WebLogic part of installation with this Director client or we can configure to run in other app server also like Websphere?
Juan Avila
  • Feb 7 2011
Hi Gavin, Have been following your GoldenGate tutorials to install and use Director, but when trying to login with Admin Tool, using user 'admin/admin', I get the following error message: Failed to get login context. (...) User: admin, failed to be authenticated. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
Juan Avila
  • Feb 7 2011
Gavin, regarding my last post, is solved now. I was starting WebLogic from Oracle Middleware home, not from the directory created during Director Server install (/u01/oracle/gg-director/domain/bin). Thanks.

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