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Oracle GoldenGate – Installing GoldenGate Director Server and Client | Oracle DBA – Tips and Techniques
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  • Apr 1 2010
Nice article. Saved lots of my time. Thanks Can you post similar steps for using it and configuring Golden Gate?
John Jeffries
  • Apr 12 2010
Hi Gavin Great article! I am new to GoldenGate and will certainly be adopting your published method to Installing GoldenGate Director Server and Client. I have recently conduted some performance tuning and published an article on "Defining Multiple Replicat Processes to Increase GoldenGate Performance". I'd be interested in your comments. http://johnpjeffries.wordpress.com/2010/04/09/defining-multiple-replicat-processes-to-increase-goldengate-performance/ Regards John
  • Jan 25 2011
Gavin, Thanks for your awesome job...!! Do we need to install GG Dir or clinet on the target side ? - Riaz
  • Feb 19 2011
Good article. Based on GG Director Admin guide, it is no need to create a domain for Director after weblogic is installed. The Director installation will create one inside its directory /domain.

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