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Oracle GoldenGate Tutorial 9 – Monitoring GoldenGate

  • Posted by Gavin Soorma
  • On February 26, 2010
  • GoldenGate, lag, Monitoring, report, stats, view ggsevt

The following tutorial will briefly discuss the different commands we can use to monitor the GoldenGate environment and get statistics and reports on various extract and replicat operations which are in progress.

More details can be obtained from Chapter 19 of the Oracle GoldenGate Windows and Unix Administration guide –

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  • Feb 1 2011
Gavin, How we can trace the replication lag time between source and target server ? Thanks in advance.
  • Feb 9 2011
Gavin, could you please paste tutorial for Bi-directional replication setup? Thanks, ~ Jayehs
  • Feb 23 2011
You are awesome dude. These Tutorial are really helpful for beginners. Possible can you please elaborate it more in to theory and add some real time examples that would be more helpful. Thank you very much for the GOLDEN GATE Tutorial.
  • Mar 15 2011
Hi Gavin, Your Golden Gate tutorials looks awesome. Could you please post a tutorial on Bi-directional (aka active-active) golden gate setup? Thanks, MAW

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