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  • Apr 21 2010
Gavin Thanks for your Example.. It's always good to have real example on top of documentation. I have configured my Extract and Replicat process, Eveyrthing works fine so far.. I have setup Uni-directional Replication so far (No DDL yet). But my Replicat process keeps getting in "STOPPED" state. I update a row on Source, nothing happens on Target. I have to manually start Replicat to wake that guy up and then it chage is replicated to target. Am I missing something?
  • Mar 7 2011
Gavin - first - thank you for wonderful tutorials. second: For the data pump example after I issue a command similar to your ADD REPLICAT rep1, EXTTRAIL /u01/oracle/ggs/dirdat/rt on the target I'm getting the following error message: No checkpoint table specified for ADD REPLICAT I went thru checkpoint table procedure on the source. Anything required to be done on Target? Thank you, Vlad
  • Dec 30 2016
I enjoyed the simplicity of your presentation. Keep up the great work, gavin.

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