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Oracle GoldenGate Tutorial 6 – configuring Data Pump process

  • Posted by Gavin Soorma
  • On February 18, 2010
  • data pump, extract, GoldenGate, replicat

The Data Pump (not to be confused with the Oracle Export Import Data Pump) is an optional secondary Extract group that is created on the source system. When Data Pump is not used, the Extract process writes to a remote trail that is located on the target system using TCP/IP.

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  • Apr 21 2010
Gavin Thanks for your Example.. It's always good to have real example on top of documentation. I have configured my Extract and Replicat process, Eveyrthing works fine so far.. I have setup Uni-directional Replication so far (No DDL yet). But my Replicat process keeps getting in "STOPPED" state. I update a row on Source, nothing happens on Target. I have to manually start Replicat to wake that guy up and then it chage is replicated to target. Am I missing something?
  • Mar 7 2011
Gavin - first - thank you for wonderful tutorials. second: For the data pump example after I issue a command similar to your ADD REPLICAT rep1, EXTTRAIL /u01/oracle/ggs/dirdat/rt on the target I'm getting the following error message: No checkpoint table specified for ADD REPLICAT I went thru checkpoint table procedure on the source. Anything required to be done on Target? Thank you, Vlad
  • Dec 30 2016
I enjoyed the simplicity of your presentation. Keep up the great work, gavin.

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