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  • Apr 22 2010
Thank you for your Tutorial about goldengate
  • Jul 30 2010
Thanks. This info is well written.
  • Aug 25 2010
Good Job. Well done. many Thanks
  • Sep 15 2010
Hi , can you please explain the trail file storage mechanism, suppose im going to create a trail file with size of 500Mb , i would like to know 1. how much rows GG can store in the 500Mb of trail file.?
Gavin Soorma
  • Sep 22 2010
Not sure if I can understand what your question is - why would you worry how many rows fits in one trail file - when the trail file fills up it will create another one and so on
Gavin Soorma
  • Oct 19 2010
Hi - which tutorial do you need?
  • Oct 19 2010
Many thanks for such great job keep it up.
  • Oct 22 2010
Great information on GoldenGate Highly appreciate you sharing your experience and various scenarios Thank You.
Suman Das
  • Jan 27 2011
Gavin Sir, Thank you for providing such interesting topics on ORACLE. Enjoyed lot reading these. Can you please provide ORACLE RAC concept, architecture and all of it's services in very simplified version. Thank you.
  • Jan 31 2011
Hi Gavin Is it possible to join two source tables and the result set will be insterd in the target table as part of data extraction and delivery?
  • Mar 9 2011
Hi Gavin, 1st of all thanks a lot for sharing such valuable docs. I want some clarification regarding the replicate process which i configured in my target server. Whenever I am trying to start the process it's giving replicate is starting however when i check the status it's showing replicate is stopped.I am not getting the updated data in the scott.emp table of my source database. I followed all your installation and manager configuration steps. It's configured properly but failing at the end. Please suggest. Thanks, Pankaj
  • Mar 15 2011
Golden Gate can replicate MySQL ? how GG to do it ? as I know MySql doesn't have LOG file like a database such as Oracle, DB2 etc...Please let me know how GG works, thanks
Gavin Soorma
  • Mar 16 2011
Hi - have a read of the Goldengate for MySQL Installation guide .....
  • May 25 2011
Hi Gavin, Nice explanation for the beginners who wants to know the concept of the Golden Gate. Thanks, Girish
  • May 25 2011
Thanks..very helpful
  • Jun 11 2011
Just exactly what I was looking for... Thanks Gavin.
  • Nov 23 2016
Very Good Article. waiting for many more :)

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