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10g EM Grid Control Notification Rules and Corrective Action Jobs

  • Posted by Gavin Soorma
  • On September 29, 2009

In 10g Enterprise Manager Grid Control, we can create corrective action or ‘fixit’ jobs which can automatically run if say a metric threshold is crossed or a particular event occurs. For example, we may have situations where we monitor the disk space used by the archive log files and as soon as the disk space free or available comes below a threshold, we would like another action to automatically occur which in this case could be to backup the archive log files to tape and then delete them to free up the disk space.

Read more about this feature in this worked example …….



  • Oct 12 2009
Superb! Great efforts... Thanks for sharing -- Mirza
  • Oct 12 2009
I am unable to configure RMAN backup auto mail from EM :( Please Help...
  • Oct 28 2009
Hi, I`m also interested in being able to configure EM to send emails when an RMAN backup is complete or not.

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