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11g RAC Software Relink Error on AIX

While relinking the Oracle 11g RAC software on 64 bit AIX platform, we got the error as shown below:


Looking at the installation log we found the following lines:

ld: 0706-006 Cannot find or open library file: -l ha_gs_r
ld:open(): A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
ld: 0706-006 Cannot find or open library file: -l ha_em_r
ld:open(): A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 255

The cause of this error is that a particluar fileset rsct.basic.rte which is required specifically for a 11g RAC installation has not been installed at the OS level. After the fileset was installed we could relink the software without the same ld errors as mentioned above.

We can check if the fileset has been installed by running the command ‘lslpp’ as shown below.

testdb:/u02/oradata/testdb> lslpp -l rsct.basic.rte
lslpp: Fileset rsct.basic.rte not installed.

After the fileset is installed we can confirm the same…

middba1:/u01/oracle/dump> lslpp -l rsct.basic.rte
 Fileset                      Level  State      Description
Path: /usr/lib/objrepos
  rsct.basic.rte    COMMITTED  RSCT Basic Function

This package is part of the OS Patch IY98287 which is one of the mandatory required patches to be installed on AIX if we are configuring a 11g RAC environment.

This is also documented in Metalink Note 471701.1

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